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Pay just a few Cent's per Square Foot

Saint Zita Cleaners Cleaning Services prices all cleaning jobs per square foot or per job. We do not believe that charging an hourly rate is fair to our Client’s. Hourly rates can sometimes cause both the property owner and the professional to focus too much on the time, rather than the quality of the work. We want all of our Client’s to know that we care about them and the job we are hired to do. No matter how long it takes us, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.


Saint Zita Cleaners Maintenance jobs are priced in several ways. By T&M, Time and Material, per square foot, or per job.  When a Client needs a specific job preformed, the contractor will come out and meet with the property owner to discuss the desires and objectives for their property. Each job is specifically quoted, for that job only, and varies based on job type. Example: Spot painting is hourly, pressure washing is per square foot, punch lists are priced per job.


All of our pricing is competitive. Locally and nationally. All quotes given are free and good for 30 days.

Billing, Contracts, and Invoicing

We are different

All contracts are a 30 day to 30 day contract. Meaning at the end of any 30 day contract you may terminate services. 

All invoices are billed for the prior months services. Meaning the company puts up all the money for payroll and supplies monthly. 

You are only billed for the days of work we are preforming services. 

These are some of the differences between Saint Zita Cleaners and our competitors. Take it from us! Don't get locked in for a long term contract with the wrong company!

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