Pay just a few Cent's per Square Foot

Saint Zita Cleaners Cleaning Services prices all cleaning jobs per square foot or per job. We do not believe that charging an hourly rate is fair to our Client’s. Hourly rates can sometimes cause both the property owner and the professional to focus too much on the time, rather than the quality of the work. We want all of our Client’s to know that we care about them and the job we are hired to do. No matter how long it takes us, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.


Saint Zita Cleaners Maintenance jobs are priced in several ways. By T&M, Time and Material, per square foot, or per job.  When a Client needs a specific job preformed, the contractor will come out and meet with the property owner to discuss the desires and objectives for their property. Each job is specifically quoted, for that job only, and varies based on job type. Example: Spot painting is hourly, pressure washing is per square foot, punch lists are priced per job.


All of our pricing is competitive. Locally and nationally. All quotes given are free and good for 30 days.


Choose Your Way to Pay

Our Commercial Client’s are invoiced and expected to pay once the job is complete. Months with 4 and 5 weeks are billed accordingly. Sub-contracted services are billed by Saint Zita Cleaners on behalf of each sub-contractor. But the Commercial Client has all and final decision making on the sub-contractor and pricing. Commercial Client's can pay by using check or credit card.

Residential Client's are billed on the day of completion. And they may pay by cash, check, or credit card. 


*There is a $35 returned check fee for Residential Client's. 

*Client's paying with Credit Cards may have a small interest fee. CC Payments are taken using *Clover. *Receipts for cash payments are available upon request.

Credit Card


The Answers You Need

Why hire a Cleaning Company?

Commercial Cient's- When it comes to hiring "in-house" cleaning and maintenance employees, you have to pay workman's comp, insurance, and liability on each employee. Then you have the task of hoping they will know how to properly clean your facility, meet codes, and pass inspections.  We take that burden and stress from you. Each one of our employees are equipped with the all of the tools and chemicals to get the job done right. And they have been trained to recognize and know the weaknesses for each surface. You won't have the headache that comes with "in-house" turn overs or vacations. We have you covered daily, weekly, or monthly. And that dependability is priceless.

Residential Client's- When you book the neighbor or a friend to do your home cleaning for you it'simple and cheap. However, your friend or neighbor is likely uninsured.  So, if they break your antique plate or scratch your acrylic tub, you get stuck footing the bill. Not to mention the insurance you must carry in the event that they slip and fall. Saint Zita Cleaners carry up to a million in liability insurance. And that protects your home, the things in your home, and everyone's legs in case they fall on a wet floor.  There is, also, no money back guarantee from your neighbor. You can only find that by going with us. Aside from insurance we also have the tools and supplies to do the job. Meaning your stuff is safe from being damaged or over used.

Do you offer any promotions or discounts?

Yes and Yes.

Commercial Client's are given a lower rate for multiple jobs.


Residential Client's- We run promotions throughout the year on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We encourage you to check out our page as often as you can. We run fantastic promotions and we even do free giveaways during most holiday's.


As far as Discount's go, We at Saint Zita Cleaners believe that the Men and Women who have or currently are serving our Country deserve the best for their Dedication and Service. Therefore, Veteran's, Members of the Military, and Member's of Law Enforcement receive year round Discounts.   

Why Saint Zita Cleaners and not another cleaning company?

Saint Zita Cleaners has contractors on staff for every job, cleaning and maintenance. Let us explain why that makes a difference.  Cleaning ceramic tile is different from cleaning hard wood- Cleaning acrylic is different than vinyl-  The knowledge of what each surface is made up of and what chemicals will safely clean it?- Is priceless.  First, each time someone comes to look at your property, they are going to take note of every square inch and what it is made up of.  This is important for many reasons; 1. We are going to know how to properly clean each surface, whether it's porous, whether it will have build up over time, what temperature of steam to use, and what chemicals are right to safely destroy germs, bacteria, and how to prevent that build up from happening.  2. We train each of our cleaning tech's to recognize these differences and know what to use and how much to use of it. 


The next reason why you should choose Saint Zita Cleaners over another cleaning company? We use some of the newest technology to get the job done quickly and properly.  We have the tools to steam and disinfect commercial and residential bathrooms and kitchens. Every space will be thoroughly cleaned, as if 10 people were scrubbing by hand, however, a lot faster and with better results.  We are always looking for the next cutting edge tool to provide all of our Client's with impeccable service that no other cleaning company can match.  And as the future of cleaning evolves, so will we. 


Lastly, and perhaps the best reason to choose Saint Zita Cleaners over our competitors? We love what we do and we take what we do very seriously. If you book a job with us, we are going to deliver you with the absolute best service around. Whether you have a small apartment or a production facility, your business matters! 

First, Commercial Client's will have access to your cleaning tech or maintenance contractor around the clock. Residential Client's will have the same access during the day of their booking. Next, each of our cleaning and maintenance staff are trained to give all of our client's an experience that is beyond the basics. So, that means you can expect be updated and aware of every step throughout the entire process.  You will receive a guarantee over the work that was preformed, a description of the areas that were cleaned and disinfected/maintained, the chemicals used, before and after photo's of the job, and a money back guarantee that you will be satisfied. 


Saint Zita Cleaners wants each of our Client's to know that they will never be just another account. We know that their hard earned dollar can be spent anywhere. We will never take that for granted. Whether you have a small house or a production facility, we guarantee 5 star cleaning and maintenance, with 5 star customer service. We build relationships with our Clientele. And we are honored to work with and for, each and every one of them. If you want to see the difference in professional cleaning services, give us a call. We welcome your business and look forward to working with you.- Saint Zita Cleaners

Do I have to use my cleaning supplies and tools?

Residential Client's, We have everything you need. We prefer that you use our cleaning supplies and tools. We invest our money in the best and newest cleaning tools on the market. So, please, let us take care of that for you. *Residential maintenance cleaning client's will be charged for the cost of a new mop head to be used and kept exclusively at the residence. Mop heads run about $8.

New Commercial Client's that sign a contract will receive new cleaning equipment, specifically designated for their business only. Commercial Client's can choose to have Saint Zita Cleaners purchase the cleaning supplies or order their own. If Saint Zita Cleaners purchases supplies for your facility, any supplies completely used will be billed to Client for reimbursement, unless otherwise discussed. 

I have pets that have made messes, will you clean pet urine, dander, and hair?

We welcome all homes with pets. All of our staff is trained in cleaning pet messes. And that includes pet hair, dander, and urine. Our maintenance staff are skilled in repairing pet damages. We love all pets, however, if you have an aggressive pet in the home, we ask you to contain them while we work.

Do you offer natural cleaning services and what kind of chemicals will you use?

We do offer "green" cleanings for both Residential and Commercial Client's.  All Clients, If you have a family member or employee with allergies, please let your tech know.

Commercial Client's please let our staff know where your SDS books are so that they can be maintained. 

Who is Saint Zita?

Saint Zita is the Patron Saint of Cleaning and Maids. When you had a dirty home, you were told to pray to her and ask her to send help. We hope to be the answer to your prayers! 


"Devotion is false, if it is slothful" - Saint Zita

We are devoted to our Client's, our communities, and our industry. Call us today!


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