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Welcome to Saint Zita Cleaners! 

It's Our Pleasure Doing Business with You!

"Devotion is false if it is Slothful"- Saint Zita

These aren't just words, this is the motto we live by!


 Saint Zita Cleaners offers a full scale of Janitorial, Cleaning, and Property & Facility Maintenance Services. Located in Uniontown, Pa, we proudly service our community and our surrounding counties.  With more than 20 years of combined experience, we offer our Client's something that other cleaning companies just can't-  Devotion to their needs and the needs of their property, combined with the knowledge and understanding of the different surface types, the proper chemicals to use, and all property maintenance and building codes.


If you are a business or a home owner, we want to work hard with you and for you to assist you in achieving the goals and objectives you have for your property. Whether it's a small apartment or a 100,00 square foot facility, Saint Zita Cleaners guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Let us show you the difference in the Saint Zita way. Call us for a free quote!

 Sincerely, Melissa Pockstaller, Owner of Saint Zita Cleaners

Who We Are

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the work done at our home and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!" - Samantha 

Saint Zita Cleaners was formed in 2015 in Uniontown, Pa.  We started with one residential Client and had a staff of two. Our motto was simple- Offer a phenomenal cleaning service, match it with excellent customer service, and deliver it all at an affordable price.  And because of that belief, one Client turned into 2 turned into 4 and so on. Over the next 2 years, we would begin to offer Commercial and Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Services. We were building a positive reputation in our community and in our market. One that we were thorough and two, that we offered a stress free solution for our Commercial Client's.  3 years later, and now at the end of 2018, Saint Zita Cleaners can officially announce that we have since tripled the amount of staff since we started. And we plan to double that amount over the next year! AND... by early 2019, our company will be certified to clean health care facilities!  Saint Zita Cleaners is so thankful and proud of our staff, Client's, and community that have helped us in achieving our goals. Come with us while we grow! Let us show you The Saint Zita Cleaners way! Oh and by the way, our very first Client is still with us to this day... Thank you, Dorothy!


So, whether you need Janitorial, Housekeeping, or Maintenance Services, We want to offer you the solution that has worked for us over the last 3 years, the solution that is working to create new business for us every day. The Saint Zita Cleaners way. Call us today!

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Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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